What is School of Swish?
A post-grad basketball program where a student athlete can improve as a player and person. This is the year after high school and before college: some call it a fifth year. One of the benefits is that this year does not count against a player’s NCAA eligibility as playing at a junior college does. This year is a chance for players to improve their chances of playing at the college level.
When should basketball players do a post-grad year?
Doing a post-grad year makes sense for some players, but not all. The reason usually depends on what the goal of the player is. The main goal of most players is to get a scholarship to a Division 1 school. School of Swish will give a player exposure during the season. If a player already has D1 offers they will hopefully bump up a level or gain more offers from the level they are currently at—if they have the right skillset and size, a post-grad year could take a low major player and bump him up to a mid to high major player. A kid with D2 offers might get a D1 offer. Players who have D3 looks might have a chance to bump up to a scholarship. Some players might not have any offers and will be open to seeing what schools reach out to them during this year. Players also should consider a post-grad year if they need to improve a certain skillset. Some need to improve their handle, shot, speed, strength etc. Another example of a player who would benefit from a post-grad year is one who needs to get eligible for the NCAA. These players can go the JUCO route or do a post-grad year as long as they are not too far behind in their core classes. Getting a player’s grade point average increased and scoring higher on a standardized test will open up the possibility of going to schools that require higher academic requirements. Some players graduate high school young for their grade. They need this extra year to catch up to their peers on the court. This year is about players betting on themselves.
What should basketball players expect during a post-grad year?
At School of Swish, we will focus on players individual talent and help excel to the next level, we are not guaranteeing a college scholarship, but we will guarantee 20+ games and help promote you. Players are required to be enrolled in online courses and on campus of their choice. School of Swish has partnered with Central Piedmont Community College for classes.
How much will a post-grad year cost and how can one pay for it?
At School of Swish it will cost $700 for 1 season. Fundraising, Sponsors and Donations will be explored as options each season.
What type of teams will you be playing?
Our program specializes in helping players get direct exposure to college coaches by playing only college teams (JUCO/NAIA/D2&3 jv teams) and other post grads programs. We want to help student athletes follow their dreams of attending college and playing the sports they love to earn a college degree. We follow the junior college format by playing a full college schedule with tournaments.
What does an offseason look like?
At School of Swish, we provide multiple open gyms and closed scrimmages to help players stay in shape. We do not offer weightlifting but encourage it. Personal trainers will be included during the offseason at least 4 sessions before the season starts. Summer classes at Central Piedmont Community College will be available to get ahead on classes with tutors.
Are scholarships or financial aid available?
At this time, we do not offer scholarships but for academics and financial aid we have partnered with Central Piedmont Community College and scholarships and financial aid is available. Please contact us for more information.
Where will practices and home games be located
School of Swish rents local schools, churches, recreation centers and community centers in the charlotte area.
I want additional information, who do I contact?
Please click HERE.
How many years can I play with School of Swish?
1 Year, you can read more about eligibility HERE.